1 Nerdz Box (part of the Final Mystery box) Read the description. pop protector on all 4in pops

Nerdz like us


Sorry, this item is out of stock


1 pops pre every box.

limit 4 boxes per house hold

Left overs from the last my box. there were like 100

boxes that were left. we will post small amounts.     

might mag has some box damage




if you get one pop in a box, it will be a Grail,exclusive, chase, rare vaulted, exlusive Grails.

exclusive, grails , vaulted.

Exclusives, Vaulted may not be mint. Maybe have damage and some dust. or might not be original box.


1. Nerdz  Box consists of  Vaulted,exclusive and Chase Funko POP!s.  Pop! that is listed on PPG for a certain amount of money. This isn't a PPG value sale, it's a mystery sale. Mystery boxes are final sale.

 This will be our FINAL Mystery Box Release.  and end , shipping will start.  Note there will be a 3 week process of shipping due to the fact that all items will be picked at random. No canellations,no refunds all sales are final.



All Mystery Boxes will be Shipped out on once everything is sold out.  

Let the Nerdz Mystery Begin! and this story ends here

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